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Weekend Reading – February 19, 2016

Fedora 21 on a Macbook Air

freedom-infiniti-fedoraAfter going around and around trying to get usb boot media working with my Macbook Air, I finally came across a gem that did the trick. I had an EFI partitioned disk and regardless of using Unetbootin, Yumi, and Lili, I was only able to boot just to receive this error:

error: file ‘/isolinux/vmlinuz0’ not found.
error: you need to load the kernel first.

The fix was to clean up my usb disk and then use Rawrite32. I found these instructions on the fedora project wiki under Windows Quick Start.

First, I had to blow away every partition on my usb device. Note: Take care to list disk and select the correct disk before running clean.

Once completed, download and install Rawrite32. When you launch Rawrite32, select Open. You’ll have to hit the drop down to show all files so you can select the ISO. Under target, you should see your USB device to write to.  Hit Write to disk… and you should be ready to boot once it does it’s thing.



Powershell: Get File Details and Owner Information in a GUI

Filter option example for out-gridview
Filter option example for out-gridview

A quick and dirty script to grab file details recursively including the owner info. A colleague was scouring the web looking for an app to do this. He also wanted to ability to quickly filter the results based on the last write time. This is a perfect use case for Out-GridView.


Update Lync Notes With Twitter Status

Tired of seeing What’s happening now? in the Lync client. Sick of seeing the same old status update because you or your colleagues never pulled down that holiday message or #GoHawks update? Well, I was sick of it. I wanted a quick and dirty way to automate updating the Lync status message (aka ProfileNote).

After hours of scouring the internet and messing with multiple twitter libraries and outdated twitter code, I ran across this gem by Github: MyTwitter.psm1. While it was meant to post to twitter, a bit of hacking and this was born. Coupled with some other Lync Client work I’ve done, I had a workable solution.

This of course, wouldn’t be complete with a working example. All you need is to create the Oauth tokens on twitter, setup a scheduled task, and you’ll be auto updating Lync with everyone’s favorite infosec professional, Infosec Taylor Swift (@SwiftOnSecurity).


  1. Go to and fill in the basic required information.
  2. Once created, click on the “Keys and Access Tokens” menu item
  3. At the bottom under “Token Actions”, select “Create my access token”
  4. Copy the tokens into the script.


  • The secret tokens are sensitive. Be like Taylor and protect your secrets.
  • Your app permissions only need to be read-only. Be like Taylor and follow the principle of least privilege.